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Best London Fashion Bloggers

There are amazing London bloggers in the niche of fashion who makes you get acquainted with the best kind of fashion. These amazing bloggers help you in finding the trends going on in the place. London is the place which is popular for the functional and decorative dressing. You get to know more about fashion bloggers that is there in the street to Saville Row from these stylist. There are the best ones who takes you more towards fashion and the changes in the niche and about the fashionable community of London.

5 Inch & Up

5 Inch and Up is really a beautiful blog which is strong enough to attract anyone with the writing style and the interesting topics. Sandra Hagelstam is the one behind this blog. She is basically from Finland and is a student of fashion design from London College of fashion. She is really amazing and know about style and the collection of the shoes that she has is something that every girl may stare at. The photographs she has uploaded are really amazing that can be considered for a fashion magazine. You can approach her for any advice you need for picking shoes.


Garcon Jon

This is the blog that has the hands of Jonathan Daniel Pryce behind it. He is a blogger and photographer who has got the immense interest in capturing the street style. He has shown much interest on the men’s fashion than that of women. This is the blog in which you can find street art, location shoot, best out of the men’s dressing and so on. 100 beards is a book that is written by him which can be a great buy for any men who want to play with the facial hair changing their looks. He has got great and immense shoots going on in various parts.

The Gentleman Blogger

This website has got much popularity and has got many men attracted towards it. It is Mathew Zorpas who is the man behind this blog. He gives a great example of his life for fashion. The way he does pedicure, manicure and also the way beard and hair are maintained etc are certain things that you may find interesting in the blog. This person has got the collection of trends and fashion in various levels. The cold weather guide with the winter fashion in London is really amazing collection that you should consider.


This is the blog that has even got a collection of men’s fashion but they have tried to be very different. It is like celebrating the fashion of men. They have worked with ASOS,Diesel, Hackett, Zegna and such awesome brands to come up with such great collection. It is really a great blog to consider. Aaron Christian is one among the founders of this blog as well as the chief editor. They have got a good group who have really come up with great fashion and trends in London. Online bloggers have really made fashion of London reach everywhere.


Finding quality dentist care in Dartford

To ensure that you and your family members are receiving the best dental care, you have to make sure that you are dealing with the right dentist. There are very many dentist operating in the UK. However, not all of them are capable of providing you with the high quality services that you are looking for. That is why you have to be careful to ensure that you are dealing with a dentist who can provide you with high quality services. If you are looking for the best top Dartford dentistry professional, here are simple things that you should do;

  1. Conduct research

When you want to find the right dentist to provide you with the best services, you should start by conducting research. Your research will help you create a list of dentists that you can go to in the UK. You should do your research both offline and online. Try to gather as much information as you can when conducting research. Remember, the more the information that you have, the higher the likelihood of choosing a dentist who will provide you with the best services. Create a list of at least 5 dentists when conducting your research. It is from this list that you are going to find a dentist who will provide you and your loved ones the dental service you need.

  1. Read reviews from others who have sought the services of a given dentist before

Find reviews from other patients who have sought the services of the dentist that you intend to choose. The reviews will give you an idea of the type of services that a given dentist offers. A dentist who offers high quality services will obviously have a lot of positive reviews. Negative reviews on the other hand indicate that most people who sought dental services from a given dentist were not happy with the services they received. You should avoid any dentist who has more bad review than good reviews. This is because if most people who were served by a given dentist are not happy with the service they received, the is high chance that you are not going to be happy if you decide to go to the same dentists. However, you should not ignore a dentist simply because of one or two negative reviews. If most people who were treated by a given dentist are happy with the service they got, there is a high chance that you are going to be happy if you decide to seek the services of the dentist.

  1. Conduct an interview

To know more about the dentistry expert that you are planning to go to, you should conduct an interview. During the interview, feel free to ask all the questions that you have in mind. Pay close attention to how your questions will be answered. Do not be afraid to ask any question that is in your minds. This is your chance to get as much information as you can from the dentist. Be wary of a dentist who does not want to be interviewed. A good dentist is always ready to be interviewed by their potential patients.


Finding A Microblading Training in London UK

Microblading is simply a cosmetic procedure that is aimed at enhancing the looks of a person. It is a semi-permanent cosmetic procedure, which allows the full reconstruction or slight correction of the lost eyebrow. For that, microblading training is the teaching of how to professionally change and reconstruct the eyebrows of a person.

Several institution in London offer the microblading training. The training itself takes about four days of comprehensive coaching. Here is more about the four-day Microblading training in London;
What you will learn during the course
The Microblading training London institution that is certified will offer more than just the basic shaping of the eyebrows. Also, the student will learn the different customization of the eyebrow. This will depend on the client, regarding the length, thickness, curve, intensity, or color of their eyebrows.

The student will also be taught how to change the shape of the face, highlight the advantages, hide the flaws, and consider the character, preferences, and lifestyle of the client. This will be done after the student has selected the ideal shape of the eyebrow.

Day One
This will entail the theory part, and the student will learn the structure of the skin, the procedure before the microblading and the aspects of healing. Also, the student will learn the contraindications, the safety requirements, and the hygiene standards. The will also learn the rules of the eyebrow shape, the eyebrow construction basics, and the bone structure analysis. The methods of measurements with a ruler, thread and divider will also be taught on the first day. There will be a practice section of patterns of hair strokes for different individuals and on artificial skin. Homework will be given to the student.

Day Two
It will entail a theory part, where the student learns the various techniques used. The different needles and choices used, the pigments and their individual ingredients, and the color theory. The correct pigment choice and the skin tones will also be taught. In the practice section, you will learn the Manual Slide and Shade Method, the treatment demonstration, and the hair shadows and strokes on artificial skin. You will then be given an assignment.

Day Three
There will be a theory part that will cover the methods of pigment removal and correction. The touch-up methods will also be taught, and the various manual tools of the microblading technique. There will also be a device review. A practice session will follow, where the student learns the Slide and Shade Technique on the real models. No assignment or homework is given on the third day.

Day Four
On the final day, there will be a final assessment, which will cover a theoretical test. There will be a practice session with models only. The manual Deluxe Brows Microblading Method will be done on the model. Here, the main aim is to instill more practical skills to the students. The student will mostly be trained on how to reconstruct fully the eyebrows with natural hairs strokes.

Each Microblading training London institution will have its cost of the course. Nonetheless, you can expect to pay around £1700 or so. The entire course takes four days, and you will learn from about 10 am to around 5 pm. I would advise to visit Microblading directory to get the most trusted information.